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Can you name the words or phrases which contain the word 'point'?

Updated Mar 8, 2012

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A Microsoft Office program
1991 Patrick Swayze surfing/bank robbery flick
100 C, 212 F, and 373.15 K or a show on MTV
A form of embroidery
A subject that is debatable but is irrelevant or of no practical importance
Used at the end of a sentence that expresses a strong emotion
US Military Academy located in New York
Direct, straight-forward speech or in very close range
The player on a basketball team who usually directs the offense
A line that when crossed results in irrevocable commitment
A type of ink-dispensing writing utensil
2001 novel by Dan Brown
To locate or identify with precision
Amusement park located in Sandusky, OH
A specific example of what one is talking about
A Linkin Park song or locations of a judge?
R&B Group famous for the hit song 'I'm So Excited'
1997 film starring John Cusack and Minnie Driver
Doing someone a favor may earn you these but not necessarily any dessert
A spot on the skin or body which is highly sensitive to a force or compression
The spot at which light converges from a mirror or lens
Malcolm Gladwell book first published in 2000
This usually means the end of a tennis match, or a 2005 Woody Allen film
Spot that affords a nice view or a 2008 film starring Dennis Quaid

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