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Can you name the 'Before and After' answers from the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter clues ?

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Before ClueAnswerAfter Clue
Harry's GodfatherLanguage of Mordor
Wizard residing at IsengardDumbledore's grave
Wizard of the FellowshipGhost of the Ravenclaw house
Kills Nagini with the Sword of GryffindorFavorite pipe-weed of many Hobbits
Fleur chooses this in the first taskA popular inn of Bywater where Rosie works as a barmaid
Location of the secret passage leading to HoneydukesLord of the Nazgul
She guards the entrance to the Gryffindor common roomOne of many names for the elf-queen of Lothlórien
Destroys the Lovegood's home when it explodesAlways in the possession of the eldest son of the Lord Steward of Gondor
Also known as EntwoodWhere Ron rejoins Harry and Hermione and destroys Slytherin's locket
Period from the first defeat of Sauron to the departure of Frodo (and others) to the Undying LandsDrawn by Dumbledore around the Goblet of Fire

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