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Can you name the people and phrases with the initials V.W.?

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Canadian soccer team scheduled to join the MLS in 2011
American fashion designer
British fashion designer
Pennsylvania team that was upset in the
2010 NCAA basketball tournament
Women's singles champion at Wimbledon, 1977
Character in a 2002 National Lampoon movie, played by Ryan Reynolds
'Ugly Betty' actress and
deposed Miss America winner
Author of 'Mrs. Dalloway'
and 'To the Lighthouse'
Major Asian conflict in the 1950s-70s
'Wheel of Fortune' letter turner
Major cell-phone carrier in the U.S.
Two-time All-Star on the
Toronto Blue Jays
Brand of drink with the varieties Power-C, Multi-V, and Formula 50
Ballroom dance style
First woman to run for president
in the U.S. (1872)
Preppy indie-rock band with the
2010 album 'Contra'

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