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Can you name the phrases that contain the names of countries hidden within them?

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HintPhraseHidden Country
Plot device to end
Greek dramas
Author of 'Common Sense'
Tree whose sap
is used to make vino
What gives the Pope
the right
Children's song with the
phrase 'short and stout'
Popular Indian drink
made of fruit and yogurt
College expense
for non-commuters
She was Oscar-nominated
for 'American Beauty'
Canadian women's hockey player who was MVP of the 2010 Olympics
She was Oscar-nominated
for 'Fargo'
HintPhraseHidden Country
U.S. attorney general
Fox News slogan
Someone who uses a tank to breathe underwater
Dual kind of abuse
treated at rehab centers
Unit of measure
for temperature
(outside the U.S.)
Where the Celtics
used to play
You may know him
better as Screech
Shakespeare play
with the squabbling
Benedick and Beatrice
One of several liberal-arts
schools in Claremont, CA
Soundgarden album
with 'Black Hole Sun'

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