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SongWhat's In the BlackSeason
I Can't ____ This Feeling1
I'm a ______ 4 U2
___ of Hearts2
On My ____1
I ______ a Dream1
Try a Little ____________2
Something's _______3
Rolling In the ____2
For ____2
Waiting For a Girl ____You3
Don't You ____ Me2
Empire _____ of Mind2
You and _ / You and I3
Gold _____1
Run the World (____)3
____ On Me1
Forget ___2
Ding Dong the Witch is ____3
Dont ____ Believin'1
Total Eclipse of the _____1
Tik ___2
Bad _______1
____ This Way2
Pure ________2
What Doesn't Kill You (_______)3
The ___ is Mine1
Le ____ Hot2
I Will _______ Love You3
We Got ___ Beat3
Defying ______1
SongWhat's In the BlackSeason
Cell _____ Tango3
Bohemian _____1
We _____ Love3
Not the Boy ____ Door3
Being _____3
Can't _____ This1
Out Here __ My Own3
What I Did For ____2
It's All ____3
Don't ____ On My Parade1
I ____ What Boys Like2
You Can't Stop the ____3
Anything ____ / Anything You Can Do3
What Makes You ________3
4 ______1
Dancing _____2
Back to _____2
________ to Love1
I'm the _______ Star3
Papa Can You ___ Me?2
Take a ____1
Baby ___ More Time2
Last Friday ____3
Leaving On a _____ Plane1
And I Am _____ I'm Not Going1
__ Man2
Poker ____1
Fix ___3
Bust Your ______1
_____ Like Me 2

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