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Can you identify the film from which the well-known lines have been taken and translated?

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Forced Order
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Babelfished dialogueFilmActual dialogue
These things will go to 11
Do you know you do not have a way Steve is to blow the whistle? Blow to put your lips you are together
Here children are watching you
I'm serious. And, Shirley does not call me
As far as I can remember, but I wanted to always be in the gang
You've got to one question to yourself: do you think that I'm lucky? Well, are you a punk?
Warriors will play and... come out
I might have had a class. I might have been a candidate. I might have been someone else
Where we're going to do not need a road
My dear frankly, but please I do not care
And finally, Mr wafer thin mint
Babelfished dialogueFilmActual dialogue
We do not need something of the badge. I you do not need to be displayed in the stench of the badge!
The power of Christ is strong you!
That we have here will be a failure of communication
You need to go the big ship
I'm going is got to the can not offer that to him he denied
I is not bad. I have been drawn just like that
Crying not what baseball!
You care about dirty monkey, get your smelly feet me away!
You have in no particular order! You have in no particular order! Of the entire trial of the order!
Go first. It makes my day
Get busy living, or dying to get busy

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