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Hint Name of Song
Sunny's favorite SNSD song
Anycall CF's song
Other than RDR what other new song was in the RDR repackage?
What song was a remake of Lee Seung Chul's song?
The promotional song of SNSD's 1st repackage album
The song that grant them their first win ever
The song that gave them their first Music Bank Trophy
The song that gave them their first Inkigayo Mutizen
The longest running winning song in Music Bank?
The song made for LG Chocolate
Jessica's favorite SNSD song
Taeyeon's OST for Hong Gil Dong
The song that made Taeyeon win on GDA 2008
Song that is used for an OST in Pasta
Seohyun's OST for Kim Soo Ro
Hint Name of Song
The song title for KWill and Tiffany's duet
Jessica's jingle for Paris Baguette
Tiffany's OST song for Haru
Yoona's first solo song for a CF
In which song did Hyoyeon sang this line 'Moreugesseo dadeul eodiroga'
Sunny's OST for Oh! My Lady
SNSD's OST for 300 Miles in Search of My Son
The song title for Yuri's duet with Sooyoung in OST Working Mom
Sooyoung's sang the Korean version of this song for an anime
What song contains this line 'neon jaemiobseo maeneo obseo'
Name two of the songs that the Roommate subunit have released
The song which Yuri had written the lyrics
Collaboration song that SNSD did with 2PM for a CF
Collaboration song that SNSD did with Super Junior
The song which SNSD present as the song for Sones

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