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Can you name the Upper Peninsula facts?

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MichiganUpper Peninsula
Residents of the upper peninsula are refered to as
What year was the Mackinaw Bridge completed
The Italian Hall disaster took place in what UP town on Christmas Eve, 1913
Who founded Sault Ste. Marie
What cornish dish was very popular in the UP
The state of Michigan recieved the western portion of the UP from what war
What is the largest inland lake located in the UP
MichiganUpper Peninsula
What was going to be the name of the UP if it had become its own state
What was the name of the Jeff Daniels movie released in 2001, based in the UP
What Great Lake touchs lower Michigan, but not the UP
What year did the Edmond Fitzgerald sink
What is the oldest city in the UP
What is the largest city in the UP

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