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Can you name the cars driven by various LOST characters?

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Forced Order
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CharacterCarEpisode First Seen
Ana Lucia CortezCollision
Ben LinusThe Lie
Charles WidmoreLive Together, Die Alone: Part 1
Charlie PaceGreatest Hits
Charlotte LewisConfirmed Dead
Christian ShephardA Tale of Two Cities
Claire LittletonPar Avion
Desmond HumeHappily Ever After
Horace GoodspeedThe Man Behind the Iron Curtain
Hugo ReyesNumbers
Hugo ReyesTricia Tanaka is Dead
Hugo ReyesNo Place Like Home
Hugo ReyesExodus: Part 2
Jack ShephardThe Hunting Party
Jack ShephardThrough the Looking Glass: Part 1
CharacterCarEpisode First Seen
John LockeDeus Ex Machina
John LockeFurther Instructions
John LockeThe Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
John LockeThe Substitute
Juliet BurkeOne of Us
Kate AustenLeft Behind
Kate AustenWhat Kate Did
Kate AustenThrough the Looking Glass: Part 2
Michael DawsonMeet Kevin Johnson
Miles StraumeConfirmed Dead
Rose NadlerS.O.S.
SawyerConfidence Man
SawyerThe Long Con
The Dharma InitiativeThe Man Behind the Curtain
The Dharma InitiativeNamaste

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