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Can you name the numbers of various things from the hit TV series LOST?

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Forced Order
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Number of kidneys Locke has
Oceanic Airlines Flight ____
Gate number for the airplane
Date of the initial crash (mm-dd-yyyy)
Survivors of the midsection of the initial crash
Number of miles the plane was off course
'The Oceanic ____'
Ajira Airways Flight ____
Minutes given after pushing 'The Button'
Number of toes the Tawaret Statue has
Dead bodies dug-up by Widmore and placed in the Sunda Trench
Number of 'Greatest Hits' in Charlies' Life
To blow-up The Flame, Enter ___
Charles Widmore's paddle number at the auction
Cases of wine Desmond's monistary produced
Apartment number Miles first talked to the dead in
The compass bearing Faraday instructs Lapidus to stay on
Psalm recited by Mr. Eko and Charlie
Hurley's finishing place in a Backgammon Tournament
Year in which the Black Rock came to The Island
Year in which Locke gave his compass to Richard
Year in which Sawyer joined the Dharma Initiative
Year in which Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley returned to the island
Year in which Rousseau came to the island
Bens' safe combination (nn-nn-nn)
Pennys' phone number (nnnn-nnnn)
The code sent via telephone to the Barracks when an Other is captured and crossing the sonic fence
Ana Lucia's seat number
Code on the side of Lapidus' chopper
Slot Sawyer's Apollo Bar was in at St. Sebastian's Hospital
Desmond told Faraday to set his device to...
And the device must oscillate at which frequency (Hz)
Kates' Reward in Australia
Amount Miles tried to extort Ben for
Amount of money Hurley owes Walt due to Backgammon losses
Amount of money Anthony Cooper took from Sawyer's parents
Amount Sun paid Jin's mother to keep her quiet
Amount Sayid bet on in golf against Mr. Avellino (then killed him)
Jacobs' number for Locke
Jacobs' number for Reyes
Jacobs' number for Ford
Jacobs' number for Jarrah
Jacobs' number for Shephard
Jacobs' number for Kwon

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