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Can you name the terms and people of Sectionalism in the US ?

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The amendment offered by a Pennsylvanian democrat that stated slavery should not be premitted in any territories acquired from Mexico
A solution to the slavery crisis in which territorial residents would choose proslavery or anti slavery
Whig nominee and winner of presidential election of 1848
Law that was part of the Compromise of 1850 that required athorities in the North to assist southern slave catchers and return runaway slaves to their owners
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Democrat who won the election of 1852 and was devoted to Manifest Destiny
Document that stated the island of Cuba belonged to the United States
Bill that split the Nebraska Territory into two seperate territories Kansas being a slave state and Nebraska being a slave state
Violence between pro- and antislavery forces in the Kansas Territory after the Kansas-Nebraska Bill passed in 1854
Vandalism and arson committed by a group of proslavery men in Lawrence, the free state capital of the Kansas Territory
Anti - immigrant Political Party formed with the end of the Whig party
Political party derived from former Whigs, northern Democrats and Know-Nothings
Democrat Nominee for the presidential election of 1856 who had spent the last three Years in England
Supreme Court ruling that stated slaves could not be US citizens and that congress had no jurisdiction over slavery in the territories
Proslavery Draft written in 1857 by kansas territorial delegates elected under questionable circumstances
Banking crisis that caused a credit crunch in the North but was less sever in the south due to high Cotton Prices
Series of debates in which two men running for Congress staked out their different opinions on the issue of slavery
New England abolitionist who retaliated after the Sack of Lawrence in Kansas and led a raid on the federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry Virginia
Presidential Nominee for the Constitutional Party
Winner of Election of 1860
President of the Confederate States of America

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