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Can you name the Largest Landfills of the US?

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RankState that Landfill is Located InHints
10.Roosevelt Regional Landfill is certainly not found in a polluted state, because even though the landfill is very big, it is also used to power 30,000 homes.
9.The Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site is also in another surprising state, and is used to power one million homes.
8.This landfill only powers 5,600 homes, seemingly little compared to the first two. But residents of a major city in this state are renowned for their recycling.
7.Here, at lovely Pine Tree Acres, we have the first easy answer. After all, we can only assume that this state matches its amount of trash with amount of pollution from the old car factories.
6.This landfill, Atlantic Waste Disposal, has imporant connections to Honeywell.
5.The El Sobrante Landfill is used to power many homes with its three powerful gas-to-energy generators.
4.The McCarty Road Landfill could be used to power homes... but this state decided to use it to power a brewery near Houston.
3.The first repeated state in this quiz, the Sunshine Canyon Landfill was recently reformed and made more efficient in 2010.
2. (technically tied with #1)Relatively close to Pine Tree Acres, this landfill isn't well known yet ties with #1 in tons of trash. They give much of their energy to Urban Forest Recycling.
1.Apex Landfill just barely beats #2, close enough for a tie. Unlike the other nine, it doesn't produce renewable energy, but it might someday. However, it is an enormous landfill full of rotting trash, waste, and maybe your gambling buddies.

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