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Full QuoteOther than eggnog and something to eat, what else does Clark offer Eddie?
 What is Clark working on at his job?
 What does Eddie wish to fumigate?
 Who is the pixie dust spreader on the tilt a whirl?
Full QuoteWhat does Uncle Louis tell Aunt Bethany that she can't hear?
ApplianceWhat causes Eddie to piss in his pants and forget who he is for a half hour?
 What type of Christmas lights does Clark use?
 How many strands?
 How many per strand?
 For a grand total of?
 What won't Eddie eat any more because it is high in cholesterol?
Dog BreedWhat does Eddie's dog have in him that causes him to hump your leg?
 What is Clark's boss' name?
 Ruby Sue goes from sh*ting bricks, to sh*ting what?
 What does Clark fix with the chainsaw?
Full QuoteWhat will Santa find when he squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney at the Griswold house?
 What is the lingerie saleswoman's name?
Two things/Order mattersWhat does Aunt Bethany wrap up as a presents?
Full QuoteDuring the silent majesty of a winter's morn... and the clean, cool chill of the holiday air, what does Clark see outside his window?
 What does Clark tell the kids that an airline pilot spotted on his way in from New York?
 What does Clark ask Rusty to retrieve when the squirrel gets into the house?
The man firstWhat are the first names of the Griswolds neighbors?
 What does Grandman offer Rusty if he rubs her heel?
 What does Clark get instead of his Christmas bonus?
Full QuoteWhat does Clark say he wouldnt be more surprised about when Eddie asks if he is suprised to see him?
 What makes Ruby Sue's eyes go back to normal after falling down a well makes them go crossed?
 What does the TV announcer say has blown away from the nutcracker float during the parade?
 Who has a lip fungus they haven't identified yet?
 What is Clark's daughters name?
 What does Aunt Bethany say instead of Grace at the dinner table?
 What does Eddie say it smells like after the cat chews the light wire?

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