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Tortured Existence
When Dream and Day Unite
Scream Bloody Gore
Breaking the Chains
New Found Power
Lightning to the Nations
Product of Society
Weapons of Our Warfare (2nd Album)
On Through the Night
Swallow Swouming Mass
The Fury of Our Makers Hand (2nd Album)
Night of the Demon
Infernal Battles
We Will Destroy... You Will Obey!!!
Slumber of Sullen Eyes
Valley of the Damned
For All Tid
Infernal Overkill
Riders of Doom
The Secrets of the Black Arts
...In Death of Steve Sylvester
Holy Diver
Screw It! (2nd Album)
Winds of Creation
We Have Arrived
Dirty Rotten LP
Fixation on a Co-Worker
Journey Into Mystery
Soulside Journey
II: Lucifuge (2nd Album)
Prepare For War
Into Eternity
Death Squad
Generation Why?
Touched By the Crimson King (2nd Album)
Silent Night Fever
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Shades of Deep Purple
Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
Like an Ever Flowing Stream
Unchain the Wolves
Consumed By Your Poison
The Ultra-Violence
Legion (2nd Album)
Bleed the Fifth
Resound the Horn (2nd Album)
Where Lovers Mourn
The Somberlain
Purification Through Violence
Transcendence Into the Peripheral
Kronet Til Konge
Dispensable Bloodshed
Antes do Fim
Rotting In Hell

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