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Try answering 25 quizzes in just 3 MinutAnswer
Which is the capital of Kuwait?
Who was the world cup cricket winning captain of 1975 W Indies side?
What are the main foods of Belarus?
In which century Alaska was sold to USA by Russia?
Which animal is known as the flying fox?
Which film has the longest running time?
Which is the largest country of Africa continent?
What is the capital of the US State of Nebraska?
Try answering 25 quizzes in just 3 MinutAnswer
From which language Bengali language came from?
Who is the highest scorer from free kicks per 100 shots?(Taking at least 20 kicks)
Who is now the fastest hundred scorer in ODI cricket?
Who is the first hundred-scorer in Test Cricket?
What is the first website registered?
Which player has experience of playing both football and cricket world cup?
What was the name of the house of Anne Frank in Holland in which she was refugee while World War II?

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