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Can you name the Dutch soccer players hidden in these word scrambles?

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HintSoccer playerYears active in national squad
Janer Bnorbe2003-
Epjrsa Elecnslis2013-
Karm anv Lmmboe2000-2012
Ipcrakt Vlurekit1994-2004
Lmleiw anv Meanghe1968-1979
Druu Utglil1981-1994
Aldonr Enomka1983-1994
Hanoj Fcfyur1966-1977
Dwine vna rde Asr1994-2008
Omcra anv Nsbeat1983-1992
Laafer anv erd Tarva2001-
Nibro nva Esepir2005-
Nidsen Gbpemkar1990-2000
HintSoccer playerYears active in national squad
Nigregoio Limdanwuj2011-
Aslak-Ajn Neharatul2006-
Ojanh Sensenke1974-1981
Rfakn Rjakrida1981-1994
Ikdr Yktu2004-2014
Yesewl Dejirnes2003-
Tanfes ed Jivr2012-
Renelcca Fesroed1994-2008
Ngavonii anv Kchtrrboson1996-2010
Nkive Moransott2011-
Yedal Nlibd2013-
Duru avn Syerionlot1998-2011

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