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QUIZ: Can you name the Spanish soccer players hidden in these word scrambles?

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HintSoccer playerYears active in national squad
Redafnon Otrser2003-2014
Oigde Otacs2014-
Snadér Sneiati 2006-
Iddva ed Age2014-
Baix Slonao2003-2014
Aredgr Uéqip2009-
Nionda Ritbazarzeu1985-1998
Lovraá Raomat2014-
Ivxa Endáhenzr2000-2014
Eigrso Eqsusubt2009-
Tsina Aaclorz2008-
Ajvi Nezramít2010-
Vidad Vsali2006-
HintSoccer playerYears active in national squad
Odalerf Id Ofstnéa1957-1961
Btelar Eerrrf1991-1999
Neandorf Snometier1998-2007
Reik Slaslaci2000-
Ércsa Elupizacati2013-
Esopj Aduogiral1992-2001
Idvad Lvail2005-2014
Droji Baal2011-
Alúr Olzzágen1996-2006
Seralc Lyupo2000-2014
Lrváoa Aeaobrl2008-2013
Roiges Asrom2005-

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