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Can you name the Argentine soccer players hidden in these word scrambles?

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HintSoccer playerYears active in national squad
Vaerij Sarnemohac2003-
Olodelpo Uuleq1975-1981
Veré Gebaan2008-
Lgeán Id Aamír2008-
Aomir Pmeske1973-1982
Oesigr Orerom2009-
Alopb Telazaab2005-
Agbleir Atitbasut1991-2002
Enillo Simse2005-
Oigers Geraoü2006-
Odegi Aanmodra1977-1994
Nuaj Nmoár Eqerilum1997-2008
Eelieuzq Vzlieaz2007-
HintSoccer playerYears active in national squad
Alusc Giabli2011-
Ráhnen Cerops1995-2007
Nalgozo Ínihagu2009-
Alined Apslaslare1974-1986
Naju Nessátabi Vóner1996-2010
Rsoca Greruig1983-1994
Orsamc Joor2011-
Islu Ermita1961-1967
Ijevra Zetniat1994-2011
Ncsáloi Edimnaot2009-
Ertoorb Aalay1994-2007
Goide Nesomie1988-2002

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