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CluesFamily Membercharacteristics
Father of Great Family TreeGrand Da-Da
Great LadyDee-Dee
Oldest sister of Great Lady Abovecant blame this lovely godly women for beginning the wretched Pinkard clan
Late sister of Great Lady Aboveran against Jew Don Boney for state congress seat
Lovely Sister of Great Lady Abovecooks great Chicken (so I've heard)
Late Sister of great Lady Abovegreat organ player (can hold a note)
Late Brother of Great Ladytell em like it is when it is time to tell em
Late Brother of Great LadyFaith Temple Pastor
Oldest Daughter of Answer 2favorite motto (we come from a long line of preachers and teachers)
Late Daughter of Answer 2Wilma loved everybody
Late Son of Answer 2Great Eastern Star / Ark of Safety Pastor
Daughter of Answer 2super intelligent strong beautiful lady
Daugher of Answer 3think of all the hair products and that time of the months they had in that house
Son of Answer 3Kossi's twin
Daughter of Answer 3innnn my Africaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daughter of Answer 3lives in 90210 or 902 something
Oldest Son of Answer 4Moved to Philly learned karate from Chiam Liam
youngest son of Answer 4Scientist and paid like no other in family....my inspiration
Daughter of Answer 4Denton, Tx resident
Son of Answer 5crazy recent graduate of Paul Quinn
Olderst Son of Answer 5they call him Earl o'KAY
CluesFamily Membercharacteristics
Twin daughter of Answer 5girl you look just like your sister
Twin daughter of Answer 5girl you look just like your sister too ..wth
Oldest daughter of Answer 6God bless permanent temporary agencies
Daughter of Answer 6look her up for Graphic Designs and can fry some fish
Olderst Son of Answer 6need a shelf built in the garage, Look him up
Youngest Son of Answer 6Engineer ....................crickets
oldest son of Answer 6the original Lonwood
Oldest Beautiful daughter of Answer 8how did she play piano with those nails? smh
Youngest Beautiful daughter of Answer 8number one stunna...pageant worthy
Oldest daughter of Answer 10ringtones be jamming
Youngest daughter of Answer 10runs her own 24/7 day care service
Son of Answer 11Tre's
Oldest son of Answer 12rocking goggles at birth.....Suade rocks the mic
Oldest daughter of Answer 12call her if you need a job....no pun intended
2nd daughter of Answer 12who majors in journalism and becomes a teacher?
2nd son of Answer 12greatest underachiever in this family tree
3rd son of Answer 12Babyface Assassin / PVU graduate who lives my life better than I
1st son of Answer 15airports shut down when he walks through
2nd son of Answer 15'Chucky' laughs like a hyena
3rd son of Answer 15stays in Jersey ...still dont know why

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