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Can you name the US Supreme Court Case dealing with rights?

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(1857) People of African descent that are slaves cannot be citizens
(1896) Segregated facilities are constitutional as separate but equal
(1954) Segregated Schools are unconstitutional because they violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment
(1944) Primary elections must be open to all voters
(1944) Japanese Americans can be interned
(1978) Race-based quotas are unconstitutional but affirmative action constitutional
(2003) Consideration of race in school admissions does not violate 14th amendment
(1986) Georgia law criminalizing homosexual conduct is constitutional
(2003) Criminalizing consensual homosexual sex is ruled unconstitutional
(2013) Defense of Marriage Act that defines marriage ruled unconstitutional; federal government must recognize same-sex marriages issued by the state
(2015) 14th amendment protects homosexual marriage
(1965) Prohibiting the use of contraceptives is unconstitutional bc it violates right to privacy
(1973) Laws restricting abortion are unconstitutional
(1992) Introduced restrictions to abortion as long as they are not an undue burden
(2014) Under the Religious Freedom Act, corporations may opt-out of providing contraceptives

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