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Can you name the Nerdy Board Game by Pieces?

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Game ComponentsGame
Quorum Cards, Centurion Markers
Alien Toy Shop, Rebel Home World
Dog, Ox Bellows
Soy Bean, 3rd Field
Chapel, King's Court
Question Cards, Zwap Tiles
Joe Bananas, Mob Power
Governer Card, Colonist Ship
Latari Elves, Summon Lightning
Development Cards, Thief
Game ComponentsGame
Strip Mine, Tropical Island
Garbage, Elektros
Space Marines, Gene Stealers
Basic Quiddity, Dragons
Occupations, Minor Improvements
Fancy Restaurant, Slots
Callous Guards, Pissboy
Trundlebot, Move 3
Encounter Cards, Flares
Assassin, Armory

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