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Can you name the Jersey Shore, or Hangover ... Who Said It??

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Forced Order
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QuoteWho Said It? (Jersey Shore or Hangover)
You have a chance right now to right your wrongs. Or you could just walk away. Two options.
Bro come on, get up. We got a situation.
Would you please put some pants on? I feel weird having to ask you twice.
My heart's broken at this point ... I think I just need my space now.
If you have to think about it... IT IS
I'm not mad at you. You just let me down….(
Did, umm... did Caesar live here
It was a real pleasure meeting you.
Sorry I lied to you. I made a mistake. Embarrassed you. Embarrassed myself.
QuoteWho Said It? (Jersey Shore or Hangover)
Q In that one particular moment, you wanted trouble and you wanted drama
He'll be fine. I cracked a window.
Who was that guy? He was so mean!
What is with that haircut man? Bride of Frankenstein ain't got nothin' on you!
Cry all you want. I'm real. You're not.
Hey, there's skittles in there!
I feel like I’m gonna be like a tornado. I’m just gonna go from place to place destroying it.
I can't look anybody in the face right now. I just want to bury my head. I'm embarrased.
This is my favorite part coming up right now.

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