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Simplify x³ * x²
Simplify (a²)³
Simplify √(9/16)
Work Out x⁰
Work Out 16^(-¾)
Work Out (6√(3) + 2√(12))²
Simplify (a+b)(a-b)
Simplify (y+z)(y+z)
Factorise Completely 2x^4-32x^2
Rewrite x²-12x+15 in the form (x-a)²+b
Find a positive set of values for x, where 20-x-x²>0
Solve; x²+2y²=36 & x+y=6, to find x
Now to find y (Q.13)
Hence find the co-ordinates where the two will meet on a graph in the form (x,y) (Q.13)
Line L passes through S(7,-3) has gradient of -2, find an equation of L in form y=mx+c
Point T has X co-ordinate of 5, what is it's y co-ordinate? (Q.16)
y=2x³-4x²-4x+12, dy/dx=?
What is the gradient of the tangent where x=2? (Q.17)
f ' (x)=(x+1)(3x-1), where x>0. Curve C is given by f(x) and goes through P(3,10). f(x)=?

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