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Despite having a starring role in this 1981 classic, Mel Gibson only had 16 lines of dialogue and two of them were “I only came for the gasoline.”
Released in animation form in 2016, it is the only Batman movie to be R-rated so far.
As soon as Robert Pattinson was cast for this movie, he moved to Oregon and began working on his character, physically and mentally. (2008)
Upon seeing a pre-screening for this 1988 film, Jodie Foster thought her performance as Sarah was so bad that she began plans to finish college, until she won the Oscar.
Bronson Pinchot ad-libbed the scene where his character was caught with the cocaine in this 1993 action/drama.
Charlie Sheen was reportedly offered the role of Marshal Willenholly, but he turned it down because he couldn't get a grasp on the character, so it went to Will Ferrell. (2001)
The late Bill Paxton said he improvised almost all of his lines in this 1986 sci-fi movie, including 'game over, man!'
In one scene of this 2000 film, a brick is thrown through Coach Boone's window. In real-life, it was an old toilet thrown, but writers thought this would add unwanted humor.
There were plans for a sequel to this 2003 movie but Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn passed after reading a script for it. They felt like it was repeating the first movie.
This is the first comic book movie to reach the one billion dollar mark. (2008)
In a tweet, Lea Thompson said she still has the Les Paul guitar, 'Cherry Bomb', from shooting this 1986 movie and sometimes still plays it.
Cal, Ricky and Girard were introduced at a real NASCAR race. Ricky and Cal were cheered but when Girard was intro'd as a driver from France, he was booed without any prompting.
This 2001 film was sequentially shot in order to help Russell Crowe develop a consistently progressing manner of behavior.
Sir Sean Connery insisted the producers build a cabin for him on Alcatraz, as he didn't want to travel from the mainland to the island every day. He got what he asked for. (1996)
Ryan Gosling prepared for his role by living in Charleston, South Carolina before the filming of this 2004 romance flick. For two months, he rowed the Ashley River every morning.
Natalie Portman looked forward to buzzing her hair for this 2005 movie, saying she'd wanted to do that for a long time.
Royalties from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon went towards funding for this 1975 movie. The band were such fans they would halt recording sessions just to watch Monty Python.
James Cameron considered O.J. Simpson for the lead to this 1984 classic but the producers feared he was “too nice” to be taken seriously as a cold-blooded killer, ironically.
Paula Abdul helped Cuba Gooding Jr. choreograph his touchdown dance in this 1996 comedy/drama.
Owen Wilson was originally set to play Rick Peck in 2008. However, after his attempted suicide, director Ben Stiller gave the role to Matthew McConaughey, so Owen could relax.
Naomi Watts is ashamed of having a role in this 1995 sci-fi film.
Director Jordan Peele cites the original Night of the Living Dead as an inspiration to make this 2017 movie because that film had an African-American protagonist.
Frances McDormand accidentally left her pregnancy suit in her trailer one night. The silicone breasts in the suit froze, and one of them exploded on the next day of shooting.(1996)
The animators were so impressed with Jeremy Irons' performance that they worked Irons' features into his character’s face of this 1994 film.
Jessica Tandy won Best Actress Oscar for her lead role. At age 81, she is the oldest winner to ever win in that category. (1990)

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