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QUIZ: Can you name the TV Show By First Names (Of Celebrities) II

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Celebrity Last namesFirst name
Jackson, Jordan, Phelps
Eisenhower, Howard, Gooden
Carrey, Morrison, Henson
Anderson, Sue Martin, Stephenson
Wilde, De La Hoya, the Grouch
Lansbury, Basset, Simmons
Costner, Garnett, Bacon
Clarkson, Ripa, Osbourne
Griffith, Kaufman, Warhol
Kubrick, Kramer, Tucci
Celebrity Last namesFirst name
Strawberry, Dawkins, McDaniels
Keith, Turner, MacGuire
Brokovich, Andrews, Sanders
DeNiro, Duvall, Pattinson
Hunter, Madison, Marie Combs
Carpenter, Allen, Black
Grey, Viera, Baxter
Kent, Gable, Gregg
Sampras, Parker, Jackson
TV with characters with these first names

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