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Can you name the show based on the pair of long-lost siblings?

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SiblingsShowYears of Show
Sam and Tommy2008-Current
Lex and Tess2001-2011
Derek and Cora2011-Current
Jax and Trinity2008-Current
Matt and Emme2003-2010
Morgause and Morgana2008-2013
Eric and Scott1997-Current
Sam and Adam2005-Current
Jack and Claire2004-2010
Lois and Patrick1999-Current
Cowboy and Nakomis2000-Current
Jeff and Willy Jr.2009-Current
SiblingsShowYears of Show
Dexter and Brian2006-2013
Jonathan and Rose2009-2011
Bobby and Ray1978-1991
Tommy and Liam2004-2011
Kirsten and Lindsay2003-2007
Sydney and Nadia2001-2006
Piper and Paige1998-2006
Jason and Spencer2010-Current
Homer and Herb1989-Current
Adam and Adora1983-1985, 1985-1987
Fox and Jeffery1993-2002
Hank and Dermott2003-Current

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