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FeatSurvivorThe first was...
Second season to take place in PanamaSurvivor: Pearl Islands
Second person to host the Reunion showBryant Gumbel
Second season of SurvivorSurvivor: Borneo
Second season to feature returning playersSurvivor: All Stars
Second contestant to win a fire-making tiebreaker challenge at Final 4Ian Rosenberger
Second person ever voted outSonja Christopher
Second person to lose a jury voteKelly Wiglesworth
Second African-American winnerVecepia Towery
Second male winnerRichard Hatch
Second season to start with tribes divided by genderSurvivor: The Amazon
Second person to win a visit from a loved oneSean Kenniff
Second season starting with three tribesSurvivor: All Stars
Second Asian-American contestantShii Ann Huang
Second contestant to propose marriage to his girlfriend at the Reunion ShowRob Mariano
Second person to win individual immunityGreg Buis
Second season to feature returning players onlySurvivor: All Stars
Second person to be voted out by a 'Previous Votes Against' tie breakerMitchell Olson
Second openly gay winnerRichard Hatch
Second person to be voted out after a tribal swapSilas Gaither
Second season with exactly two returning playersSurvivor: Guatemala
Second person to become a member of the juryGreg Buis
Second person to win an individual reward challengeGreg Buis
Second person to finish last in a seasonSonya Christopher
Second person to win the game as a returning playerAmber Brkich
Second second starting with four tribesSurvivor: Panama
FeatSurvivorThe first was...
Second season to feature Redemption IslandSurvivor: Redemption Island
Second non-white winnerVecepia Towery
Second contestant to be eliminated by a 'rock draw' tiebreakerPaschal English
Second openly gay male contestantRichard Hatch
Second female to lose a final jury voteKelly Wiglesworth
Second female winnerTina Wesson
Second player to play a hidden immunity idol at TribalGary Hogeboom
Second season starting with 20 contestantsSurvivor: Palau
Second season with a male winnerSurvivor: Borneo
Second contestants to play two seasons back to back (tie: 2 possible answers)Rupert Boneham
Second contestant to be voted out after any tie voteSusan Hawk
Second person to medically evacuated from the gameMichael Skupin
Second person to quit the gameOsten Taylor
Second contestant who shared a first name with a previous SurvivorKelly Goldsmith (shared name with Kelly Wiglesworth)
Second winnerRichard Hatch
Second non-white male winnerYul Kwon
Second season with a tribal swapSurvivor: Africa
Second season starting with tribes divided by schoolyard pickSurvivor: Palau
Second contestant to be voted out after a fire-making tiebreaker at Final 4Jenn Lyon
Second season with a female winnerSurvivor: The Australian Outback
Second season starting with 18 contestantsSurvivor: All Stars
Second male African-American contestantGervase Peterson
Second male to lose a final jury voteColby Donaldson
Second player to find a hidden immunity idolGary Hogeboom
Second season to feature a 'rock draw' tiebreakerSurvivor: Marquesas

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