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Hitchcock movie, U2 song, or a state of dizziness
Fastest land animal on earth
Mazda's slogan involves saying this word twice, to indicate speed
A being that latches onto a host and lives off of it, to the host's detriment
Mythological Greek figure who brings fire to humanity; prequel to the 'Alien' movie franchise
Predator of the sea, Antagonist of the movie 'Jaws'
Deadly herbicide used by the US government in the Vietnam war (there's a color in the name)
Another word for the Apocalypse/Rapture/end of days etc.
Beloved but cancelled Joss Whedon space western TV series (2002-2003)
Greek god of war
A bird found largely in Antarctica
A spike of ice formed from dripping water
A one word command meaning 'Be quiet'
Dangerous game played in 'The Deer Hunter,' Russian _______
A tropical cyclone occurring in the western Pacific or Indian oceans.
A device primarily used for doing math
Dorothy's Oz companion that desired a brain
Formerly dominant home video rental chain that filed for bankruptcy in 2010
A brilliant burst of fire; a flame (eg 'Go out in a _____ of glory')
Something you strongly dislike (e.g 'The ____ of my existence')
A word for a person who likes to pull pranks
Alice in Wonderland character frequently seen with the March Hare
Phrase typically said before or after performing a magic trick (inspiring two Generation 1 Psychic Pokémon)
Juvenile schoolyard name meant for taunting smart/nerdy kids, similar to 'Egghead'
Harry Potter is one, as is John Wall
Bats use this to get around
Overall theme (be specific)

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