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I'll try this on my own, A life I've never known, I'll face the dread alone
Can I touch you, we've been fine for so long now
He's a hero, a lover, a prince - she's not there
That hospital was heavy, but this cuckoo's nest is worse
Have I blown my mind forever? Is cloudy my new clear?
I'm your wish, your dream come true, and I am your darkest nightmare too
We'll search in your past, for what sorrows may last
There was a time when I flew higher, was a time when the wild girl running free, would be me
I know the night is dying dear,I know the day will dawn
They've cut away the cancer but forgot to fill the hole
Trying to fight the things we feel, But some hurts never heal
Anxiousness, anger, exhaustion, insomnia, irritability
A place we can go where the pain will go away
We dance on the edge of destruction, The globe's getting warmer by deadly degrees
And you play 'til it's perfect, You play 'til you ache
They say you should stay with the devil you know
Like a refugee, a fugitive, Forever on the run
We all cherish one another, Father Mother Sister Brother, Cheek to cheek
It was raining, It was Portland, You eloped
They never said we were too late, But I was a child raising a child

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