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Can you name the Musicals by their characters?

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Forced Order
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Boq, Elphaba, Fiyero
Nancy, Bill, Fagin
Corny Collins, Edna, Seaweed
Belle, Gaston, Lumiere
Max, Leo, Carmen
Blousey, Fat Sam, Tallulah
Laurie, Curly, Jud
Elder Price, Nabulungi, Elder Cunningham
Sheila, Claude, Berger
Elle, Emmett, Paulette
Billy, Roxie, Mary
Lois, Fred, Bill
Judas, Mary, Pontius
Mrs Lovett, Tobias, Johanna
Felicia, Bernadette, Tick
Maria, Tony, Anita
Danny, Rizzo, Kenickie
Billy, Michael, Debbie
Cosette, Javert, Gavroche
Louise, Rose, Herbie
Mark, Maureen, Angel
Jacob, Benjamin, Pharoah
Thea, Moritz, Ilse
Henry, Eliza, Freddy
Christian, Satine, Harold
Rooster, Daddy Warbucks, Grace
Christine, Raoul, Meg
Sophie, Donna, Harry
Fredrik, Desiree, Anne
Maria, Kurt, Liesl
Don, Kathy, Lina
Truly, Caractacus, Jemima
Sally, Emcee, Cliff
Diana, Natalie, Gabe
Eddie, Mickey, Linda

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