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Can you name the Real Eragon A-Z items?

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Eragon's ringA
Original Eragon's dragonB
Eragon's home townC
First shadeD
Dragon's heart of heartsE
Goat-like animal in the BeorsF
The third dragon's egg isG
Huge DesertH
Orik's clanI
Merchant of NardaJ
Huge UrgalsK
Lake by Dras-LeonaL
Garrow was (Think how me was murdered, really obvious)M
Ajihad's daughterN
New King of dwarvesO
Title for the villagers that chose to fight along side the VardenP
Iorunn wanted to be a (Think royalty)Q
Beasts killed by Roran and EragonR
In the first book when they were crossing the desert, Eragon and Murtagh had a run-in with someS
City holding the mill that Roran worked atT
Capital of empireU
Second shadeV
In the end, the good guys will (Think happy ending)W
Eragon's first kill of an Urgal was in (Think city)Y
Murtagh's sword was named (Previously owned by Eragon, and before him, Brom, etc.)Z

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