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Look at Hints Carefully!Books 1,2,3
Blacksmith of Carvahall
Wife of ^
Butcher in Carvahall
Late Wife of Butcher
Butcher's Daughter
Eragon's Mentor
King of the Empire
Leader of the Varden
Dwarf, travels with Eragon
Look at Hints Carefully!Books 1,2,3
Cousin of Main
Magician, Varden Soldier & Friend of ^
Murtagh's Dragon
Eragon's Rival
Dead, Former leader of Varden
King of Surda
Merchant in Teirm, old friend of Brom
Double Agent Magicians Planted in the Varden
Dead, Roran's Father
Tyrant King of Dragons
Forsworn Member
First Shade Slain
Look at Hints Carefully!Books 1,2,3
Second Shade Slain
Mourning Sage
Elf that Taunts Main during Training
Leader of the riders
Star Metal Smith
Lunatic King, Carvahall
Urgal that wrestled with Roran
Leader of the Urgals
Werecat (described as 'woman child')
Look at Hints Carefully!Books 1,2,3
Beasts Killed by Roran and Eragon
Eragon's Mother
Former Elf (now a tree)
Main Character's Namesake
Leader of the Du Vrangr Gata
Hand cut off by laughing dead, refuses care
Captain among the Varden
Eragon's Namesake's Dragon
Protector of the Elven City

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