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SongsRapperKnown For
Danny Glover, 2 Cups Stuffed, Stoner.'Weird Version Of Wacka'
Make Me, Money Ain't No Issue, Freak Show.'Philly ****'
Rip Your Heart Out, Kill Her, Nocturnal Rainbows.'The Emo Rapper'
Can't Trust Em, Bout That Life, Man In The VEG.'Undergrounds Stoned Ranger'
Competition, **** Em, 52 Bars.'OTF, let's get it'
Bought A Big K, Dead Broke, Jealous. 'Creepy Version Of Chief Keef'
Bars On Me, La La La, Rap Nemesis.'The Goofy Stoner Eminem'
Demons, So Dope (They Wanna), Love 2 Dislike Me.'Strangeeeeee'
Sweeney Todd, Takin Online Orders, Sooner Or Later.'Cannibal Rapper'
Again, Eastside ****, Val Venis.'Obsessed With Bandz'
Designer, Gangway, Clockwork.'Fast for A Trap Mc'
SongsRapperKnown For
Pick Your Poison, Scary Slaughter, Visions.'Fast Horror core Rapper'
How We Move, Doin Hits, Dead Or In Prison.'Deepest thug rap voice'
Dope, We Ain't The Same, Sky Is The Limit.'New King in Bad Boy records'
Paranoid, Irie, Bitches Ain't ****.'Drugs, Sex, Singing, Or nah? '
Hive, 20 Wave Caps, Centurion.'Mysterious Horror core/ Alt-rapper'
Type Of Way, Get TF Out My Face, Differences.'First Single Made Billboard'
Supa Savage, Traffic, Irrelevant .'Mix of Fredo and Drake'
Gimme The Loot, Heart Attack, Skitzo.'Disturbing, Random MC'
Nothin On Ya, Traphouse 3, Bullet Wound.'Beeerrrrrr'
Keep **** With Me, Amnesia, Thinking With My Dick. 'The Drake Of Gangster Rap'

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