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'I got a strange urge, and I feel like creeping up on a stranger, I want your ___.'Raw
'We don't ever faid away, we just keep on moving, we ain't afraid of bitch **** acting slick, act up and you can get it.'Haywire
'This problem is killing my mind, God give me a sign, maybe I'm tripping, tell me this life is worth living!Knock Madness
'Now I've built up buzz to destroy you and ruthless you can't hold me bitch, imma **** around and put some steel toes on and kick you ass in the ovaries bitch!!Raw
'You was the next big things, while I was last, you was poppin tags, while I was mad chilling in my pad with my ramen pad.'Knock Madness
'I'm like oprah why you doing this, come on this is ludacris, that just hyped my ass up even more to call you a bitch.'Gazing At The Moonlight
'You've been brainwashed by a fake life that you used to live in, when I say the word fun what do you invision.No Album
'So imma fly, na that's where you guys are wrong, I **** on **** that's why I rap with a diaper on.'Raw
'**** your new Versace , you can get a cut throat, and deepthroat a dick till it's poking out through your butthole.'Knock Madness
'I'm sure he knew that doing it wasn't a smart move, he walk around with humongous pupils like cartoons.'Gazing At The Moonlight
'I used to push weight on the block, a fat bitch, she was barely able to walk,.'Gazing At The Moonlight
'A year ago I wasn't all that, now all these sucka bitches all on my ballsack, am I your best friend what heck no.No Album
'See I'm the **** like I slithered in poop, I'm sicker than sticking my frickin dick inside of bitches syphilis cooch.'Knock Madness
'I would jack off so much back at my parents house, that now my dick has a permenant imprint of my hand around it.'No Album
'Everybody that knows me, understands I'm a humble guy, those who thinking they own me, just do me a favor and..'Haywire
'But I gotta life that I ain't too sure of, so I gotta look just like ace ventura, can't look at myself I might break this mirror (****, ****! ****!)'Knock Madness
'If I found your wallet, I would not commit to stealing it, but if the tables turned than you would pocket it, see I've been me for so long but I still don't know who hopsin is.'Raw
'I sware I thought you was my lady, now you having another **** baby, it was suppose to me and you.'Knock Madness
'I don't want to wake up , I'll stay asleep, your love is all I need, I'm really hoping to find you.'Knock Madness
'She never loved, you just control me, if you **** around I'm calling the police. But all i wanted to say was I'm sorry!'Raw
'Will they ever learn to love me, don't **** call me, stop tryna reach me, I ain't tryna hear all of your bullshit just leave me.'Knock Madness
'Soulja boy you got a corny flow, so you can suck my **** dick through a glory hole.'Raw
'Uh huh, baby hopsinn is in the buildingg, and we gon have one hell of a timeee, ya!Raw
'It's pitiful, where the **** they at now, in they mid 20's passed out inside of a crack house.'Knock Madness
'Youre just a sperm cell that climbed up out of your dads rectum, motherfucka I got balls like I'm ash ketchum!'Knock Madness

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