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Editor of the Encyclop├ędie in the time of the Enlightenment
King of Spain during what many claim to be its peak era of power and prestige
'Old Fritz'; King of Prussia who won Silesia from Austria and conquered much of Poland in the First Partition of Poland
One of the first modern conservatives; opposed the French Revolution and attempted to prevent it from spreading further
Holy Roman Emperor famous for his opposition of Luther and the Protestant Reformation; also managed to maintain the kingship of Spain
Royal family who were the first Scottish kings and would later become dual rulers of Scotland and England for a period of time
Jewish-Dutch scientist whose work helped lay the groundwork for the Enlightenment
Florentine sculptor who traveled to Rome in search of the ruins of the Greek and Romans
Hypothesized the law of Universal Gravitation
Tsar of Russia who modernized and westernized his nation and won numerous military victories, pushing the country onto the stage of European affairs
Grandfather of both William Pitts who is famous for the purchasing and attempted selling of a large diamond now part of the French crown jewels
Enlightenment author of 'What is the Third Estate?'
English parliamentarian and brilliant military leader who led his fellow 'roundheads' in the English Civil Wars
Excellent orator whose work aided the British military cause in the Seven Years' War
English philosopher who promoted the ideals of the Scientific Revolution, namely the Scientific Method
'The Father of Modern Science'
'Father of Modern Philosophy'
The first de facto Prime Minister of Great Britain
Renaissance humanist who opposed the Protestant Reformation; famous for the coining of the term 'utopia'
King of France during the Revolution who tried to flee and was later executed
Humanist author of 'The Prince'; justified the amorality of politics
Last name of family famous for ruling Florence and sponsoring the arts during the Renaissance
Author of 'The Book of the Courtier'
'The Sun King'
Key Scientific Revolution figure who worked at one point under Tycho Brahe; made great strides in astronomy
Holy Roman Emperor known for being one of the three 'great' Enlightened Despots
Holy Roman Empress during the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years' War
German family famous for its role in economics and banking around the time of the Renaissance
Recognized as the first ever Prime Minister; advised Louis XIII before Cardinal Mazarin
King of England during the Seven Years' War, American Revolution, and French Revolution
Name of English ruling family including such people as Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I
Key figure in the French Revolution; member of the Third Estate; was eventually executed
Enlightened philosophe who supported Enlightened absolutism as long as it led to scientific progress and more freedoms for the people
'THE Renaissance Man'; painter of the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper
'The Father of Humanism'
Famously said 'Paris is well worth a mass.'
Empress of Russia during what many consider to be Russia's Golden Age; had to respond to Pugachev's Rebellion
Renaissance astronomer who theorized a heliocentric conception of the universe
Enlightened philosophe who believed in the separation of powers theory of government
Enlightened philosophe most admired by the Jacobins; wrote 'Discourse on the Origin of Inequality' and 'On the Social Contract'
'Father of Classic Liberalism'; would be considered libertarian by today's standards; felt people were naturally reasonable; disagreed with Thomas Hobbes
'The Great Elector' of Brandenburg
Italian Renaissance humanist who authored the Decameron
Author of the Leviathan; disagreed with John Locke and supported Enlightened Despotism
Finance minister under Louis XIV who supported mercantilist efforts; famous for lowering internal tariffs
Transformed the library of Pope Julius II into a 'Renaissance Hall of Fame'; most famous work is the 'School of Athens'
Physiocrat whose name is synonymous with laissez faire capitalism
King of Sweden during the Thirty Years' War
Humanist who wrote such works as 'Praise of Folly' and 'Handbook of a Christian Knight'

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