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Can you name the important historical figures of the Age of Absolutism?

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Puritan Military Leader Who Fought Against the Royalists and Would Eventually Become the 'Lord Protector' of the 'Commonwealth of England'
(of Orange) Could be Considered the 'Arch Nemesis' of King Louis XIV During His Expansionist Efforts
Ruled as Queen Alongside William
Ruled on Behalf of the Young Louis XIV Until Death
Dutch Scientist Who Contributed Much to Astronomy, Physics, and Mathematics
King of England During the Restoration Period
King of England Whose Catholicism Would Precipitate the Creation of the Two-Party System and Would Eventually be Overthrown
Jewish-Dutch Philosopher Who Could be Considered a 'Rationalist'
The Minister of Finance Under Louis XIV; Bolstered the Economic Situation of France
Advocated and Justified the Notion of 'Divine Right'; Could be Called the 'Machiavelli or Bodin of the Day'
His Philosophies Would Constitute the Movement of a Group of Calvinists Called 'Arminians' in an Effort to Reform Calvinism
The Sun King, the Grand Monarque, the King of France during the Age of Absolutism
Son of King James I; Feuded Immensely with Parliament and Caused Civil War
Authored 'On the Law of War and Peace' Which Outlined the Idea of What Could be Considered 'Just War'
King of England after Queen Elizabeth; Catholic
Queen of Sweden Who Relieved Control of the Crown to Become a Catholic

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