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Can you name the important figures of the Commercial Revolution and the 30 Years' War?

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Better Known as 'Robert Dudley', the 'Impossible Love' of Queen Elizabeth, This Man Was Sent to Support the United Provinces in Order to Weaken the Spanish
This Wealthy Man Who Created a New Type of Cloth Was the First in a Line of Many Wealthy Entrepreneurs
This Spanish General Was Sent to Govern the Netherlands; He is Known for His Harshness in Rule (Council of Troubles)
Son of Henry IV of France and Marie de Medici
This Nobleman Supported the Hapsburgs Until His Property Was Seized; Eventually Would Lead the Calvinists in Their Wartime Efforts Against the Oppressive Spanish
King of Sweden Who Unified the Nation Such to Create a More Solid Effort in the 30 Years' War; Recognized by Some to Be One of the Greatest Military Commanders of All Time
This Spanish Governor General Proposed that the Netherlands Be Taken Such That an Invasion of England Could Occur with the Netherlands as a Base
King of France Following the Death of His Father; Died After 18 Months of Rule
Leader of the Calvinists During the 'War of Three Henrys'; Would Later Become King
This Political Philosopher Justified Absolute Monarchy in His Writing That There Must Be a Single Absolute Power in Order to Maintain Order in Any Given Society
This Man Published the Novel 'Don Quixote' Which Depicted an Hidalgo Reviving Chivalry
King of France During the 'War of Three Henrys'
A Powerful Huguenot Leader During the 'War of Three Henrys'
This Heir to the Throne of England Was Thought to Be a Threat by Elizabeth Who Had Her Imprisoned and Eventually Executed to Send a Strong Message to the Spanish
Leader of a Huguenot Rebellion in France
Leader of the Catholics During the 'War of Three Henrys'
This Man Received Spain (along with all of the Provinces Therewith) When His Father, Charles V, Stepped Down from Power
Widowed Queen of France Following the Death of King Henry II Who Would Control Much of the Nation While Her Young Sons 'Ruled'
King of France Who Was Killed in a Jousting Accident (No, Seriously) in 1559
French Cardinal Who Had Much Control During the Reign of Louis XIII; Implemented Mercantilist Systems
King of France During the Massacre on St. Bartholomew's Day
Widow of Henry IV of France Who Would Rule on Behalf of Her Young Son for a Number of Years
Established a Professional Fighting Force to Combat Enemies of the Hapsburgs During the 30 Years' War
This Man Received the Holy Roman Empire (Along with a Few Other Territories) When His Brother, Charles V, Stepped Down from Power

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