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Can you name the pioneers of the European Renaissance?

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Commonly referred to as the father of renaissance philosophy, this Florence-born humanist drew much inspiration from Cicero.
Known best for his work 'The Divine Comedy', this Florence poet filled his writing with real people and comments on politics.
This renaissance painter was the first great Italian artist due to his ability and willingness to add illusions of depth, or perspective, to his work.
This political philosopher established the idea that politics is an amoral venture. His ideas were portrayed in a work titled 'The Prince'.
This Florentine sculptor traveled to Rome in search of the ancient ruins of the Greeks and Romans. He created the first renaissance nude.
Often referred to as 'THE Renaissance Man', this famous painter had expertise in a wide range of subjects. We know him best for his 'Mona Lisa' and 'Last Supper'.
Considered to be the most talented of all renaissance artists, this man is most famous for his painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and sculptures like 'The Pieta' & 'David'
Learning from previous renaissance artists, this man transformed the library of Pope Julius II into a 'Renaissance Hall of Fame'. His most famous work is the 'School of Athens'.

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