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What is his oldest dogs name?
What is his mothers maiden name?
What is Jared's favorite TV show?
What is his fathers only sisters name?
Which 2 nationalities is mothers mother?
What is the name of his favorite pair of shoes?
Who was his original favorite NBA player?
What was his favorite show to watch as a kid?
Who is his favorite superhero?
Who is his favorite teacher of all-time?
Who is his favorite Baseball coach of all-time?
When did he start playing Football?
What defensive position did he start at?
What defensive position did he switch to the next year?
What was his next defensive position?
What position did he start out at on defense this year?
What is his most rushing yards in a single game?
What is his most passing yards in a single game?
Who is his favorite football player of all-time
Where did he break his hand in Football?

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