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Can you name these commonly colored things from video games?

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Color 1
Sacred Stone from the Deku Tree (OoT) 
The taller of the moustachioed Bros. 
Evolution result from leveling near the moss rock  
Common Color 
Color 2
Melee's 'Puffballs Unite' adversary 
Captain Rainbow proves this character's gender 
The newest energy/type in Pokemon and PkmnTCG 
Common Color 
Color 3
Trade him the Moon's Tear for a Title Deed 
The title character defeats Him by hurling giant rolls of toilet paper 
Runs the Armory in the 64 version of this ape's game series 
Common Color 
Color 4
Turns a plumber into a pyromaniac 
He has a 'Bad Fur Day' 
She wears the Varia Suit 
Common Color 
Color 5
Beware if you're in 1st place... 
He battles the Master Robots 
He's friends with a red Echidna and a fox named Miles 
Common Color 
Color 6
One half of the title duo; A bear carries her in a backpack 
He turns blue when a power pellet is eaten 
Maverick Hunter  
Common Color 
Color 7
He works with Rosalina 
Blast these with a Power bomb to open 
Spritelings help him defeat the Black Jewel 
Common Color 
Color 8
Hylian doppelgänger 
His final smash is an octopus 
The Ultimate life form designed by Robotnik 
Common Color 
Color 9
'Are you a boy or a girl?' 
He/She teaches you how to use your balance board 
Prince of Nimbus Land who thought he was a tadpole 
Common Color 

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