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Which event happened first? A Sporcle-themed trip back to the '70s. (Choose A or B)

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AFirst to OccurB
SPORTS - Ali defeats Frazier at the Thrilla in ManilaAli defeats Foreman at The Rumble in the Jungle
GEOGRAPHY - Bangladesh declares independence from PakistanMozambique declares independence from Portugal
MUSIC - Death of Jim Morrison in ParisDeath of Jimi Hendrix in London
MOVIES - The Towering Inferno releasedThe Poseidon Adventure released
TV - The first episode of Saturday Night Live airsThe first episode of Roots airs
MISCELLANEOUS - First commercial concorde flightFirst commercial 747 flight
HISTORY - Pinochet rises to power as ruler of Chile after overthrowing Salvador AllendeThe Shah of Iran flees for Egypt during the Iranian Revolution
LITERATURE - Woodward and Bernstein publish All the President's MenHunter S. Thompson publishes Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
LANGUAGE - Supreme Court finds George Carlin's 7 dirty words to be 'indecent but not obscene'Bank robbery in Sweden occurs giving rise to the term 'Stockholm Syndrome'
SCIENCE - Apollo 17 becomes the last manned mission to the moonThe Apollo–Soyuz Test Project became the first joint US-Soviet space flight
GAMING - The Atari 2600 home video game console is releasedBobby Fischer defeats Boris Spassky to become the eleventh undisputed World Champion
ENTERTAINMENT - Christopher Reeve stars in SupermanLynda Carter debuts as TV's Wonder Woman
RELIGION - Albino Luciano becomes popeKarol Wojtyła becomes pope
HOLIDAY - David Bowie joins Bing Crosby for the latter's Merrie Olde Christmas special to sing The Little Drummer BoyThe Star Wars Holiday Special airs

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