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Can you not complete this opposite day ladder?

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You should wear a coat when the weather is like this
A particular section of a hospital
'What's another ______ for Thesaurus?' - Steven Wright
An umbilical one, perhaps?
Like the weather at the equator
Nat King ____
Velvet Underground founder John
If you have 24 bottles of beer you have this amount
The absence of difficulty
It's right on a map
Why ______ thou forsaken me?
Melissa Joan _____ of 'Clarissa Explains It All'
Like a rock
A group of similar animals
To take notice of a warning
This eventually will turn into a flower
A toboggan is a type of this
A lot of something
Like Usain Bolt
Ebb & _____
Something that's almost perfect may have this
Like a shirt after ironing
Italian car company based in Turin
You punch with this
Like a tortoise
Not present or future
Woodward and Bernstein wrote for the Washington one
A model might strike this
Jack's love interest in Titanic
Go from low to high
Jasmine or Condoleezza, e.g.
Someone who is this probably can't afford a Lamborghini
Abbreviation for Detroit's state
'Of _____ and Men'
Arthropod cousin of the tick
This makes catching a fastball a lot easier
Just a little bit of rain, but lighter than a drizzle
This word means 'bridge' in nearly all of Eastern Europe
Pit where crazed dancing happens
Also known as Mrs. David Beckham
Winnie the ______
This word could describe Bill Gates or Warren Buffett

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