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A quiz that really ties the room together...The Big Lebowski Missing Word Quiz

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'This ________ will not stand!'A
The Dude's favorite sportB
Directed and Produced by the ______ brothersC
______ KerabatsosD
Band hated by The Dude, The _______E
Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist _____ played DieterF
Surrealist movie: _________ which The Dude dreams about, featuring, among others, Saddam HusseinG
Where Walter's ex-wife vacations while he dogsits her Pomeranian H
Comedian Dom ______ played Tony the chauffeur. fuggedaboutit!I
'Nobody &%*#'s with the ______!'J
'Three thousand years of beautiful tradition, from Moses to Sandy _______...'K
Adult movie ________ featuring Uli KunkelL
Avant-garde artist/feminist ______ LebowskiM
They believe in nothing!N
The Big Lebowski's personal assistant, Brandt was played by ______ Seymour HoffmanP
Bunny Lebowski played by Tara ______R
Shomer _______ !!!S
Adult filmaker Jackie _________T
The Lebowski Little ______ AchieversU
War that Walter served in and which often comes up during his tiradesV
The Dude's drink of choice, a _______ RussianW
Mark it ____!Z

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