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Can you name the people (real or fictional) with fruit somewhere in their name?

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Forced Order
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Singer/songwriter famous for the hit 'Criminal'
17 year major leaguer who hit 335 homer runs over the course of his career
American pioneer originally named John Chapman
Model daughter of the musician founder of Live Aid
She played Jan on the Brady Bunch
Star of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Academy Award winning actor who starred in Some Like It Hot, The Apartment and The Odd Couple
Pioneer of Rock and Roll with such hits as Johnny B. Goode and Roll over Beethoven
She starred in both Married with Children and Anchorman
The founder of Motown
Johnny Depp played this titular character in a movie also starring Juliette Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio
Crooner and actor whose first name is a type of cherry
'Buffalo Stance' singer born in Sweden
One of the six mechanicals from Shakespear's A Midsummer Night's Dream
Colorful hockey commentator
Academy Award winning actress who has also been a Bond girl
One of the suspects from the game of Clue played by Christopher Lloyd in the movie
Eponymous character from Mark Twain's 1884 classic
People from New Zealand are affectionately know as these
Wife of Sir Winston Churchill

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