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Name the biblical figures using a clue from the modern day sports world

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Sports StarAnswerBiblical Star
Yankee killer commonly known as 'Big Papi'Giant killer commonly known as King of Israel and Judah
Hockey Hall of Famer for the Red Wings, Bruins and Caps who had 1,079 assistsAssisted in the creation of the first woman
Notoriously left the Red Sox to become one of the greatest Yankees of all timeFamously left Moab and converted to Judaism
She helped the Connecticut Huskies win the 1995 Women's NCAA National Championship in basketballShe helped her son fool his father into believing he was his huskier older brother
Savior of the Bulls due to seemingly endless injuries to Derrick RoseSavior of all animals due to seemingly endless rain
White Sox first baseman dubbed 'The Big Hurt' for his punishing home runsApostle who received the nickname 'doubting' for his initial unwillingness to believe that Christ had risen on Easter Sunday
This second baseman was thrown to the lions of the NY sports media after taking time off when his son was born in 2014Actually thrown into a lions den
During his time as a Ranger, was one of 16 players in baseball history to smash 4 home runs in one gameHis army smashed the walks of Jericho in the conquest of Canaan
Quirky pitcher who was nicknamed 'The Bird' and had a short but exciting career for the TigersDisciple whose symbol is the winged lion
Hall of Fame Center who delivered the people of Philadelphia the NBA title in 1983Delivered the Jews out of Egypt
Sports StarAnswerBiblical Star
Became the first Jewish gold medal winner in figure skating at the 2002 Olympics when she was 16Became the matriarch of the Jewish people after giving birth at around 90 years old
His brother Felipe was more well known, but this outfielder won 2 WS rings with the A's in the early '70sHis father was more well known but he healed lepers, walked on water and turned water into wine
America's sweetheart who delivered the gold medal for the US in the 1984 OlympicsWoman from Nazareth who delivered the son of God
White Sox Hall of Famer known as 'old aches and pains'Disciple of Paul who was also a physician
He took out 27 batters in a row in 2012, becoming the first perfect game winner in Giants history'Took out' his brother, thus becoming the first murderer in history
Led the Chicago Bulls to six championshipsLead God's armies against Satan's forces in the Book of Revelation
This tormentor of defenses scored over 300 goals for five different teams in his NHL career, but ironically never for the DevilsTormented Job trying to prove God wrong
#13 for the Dolphins made the Hall of Fame but never won a Super BowlOne of Jacob's 13 children, whose tribe is omitted from John the Apostle's 144,000 in Revelations
In 1973, he broke the all time home run record which had stood for nearly 40 yearsWas entrusted the leadership of Israel while Moses was up on Mount Sinai for a period of forty days; forty years of wandering in the desert followed
Detroit Piston who guided the Bad Boys to 2 NBA titlesPowerful prophet who helped guide the kings of Judah during a turbulent period of history

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