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Name the words from A to Z containing the letters B,A and D in that order

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-B-AD-(A) To scrape away
B-A-D---(B) Supreme Court Judge appointed by Woodrow Wilson
--B--A-D(C) Where taxis wait for passengers
---BA-D(D) To break up a group
--B-A--D(E) Gave a big hug to
----B-A-D(F) A person who is passionate about a particular cause
------B--AD(G) Edible houses are made of this, often around Christmastime
---BA-D(H) A wife's counterpart
------BAD(I) Capital of Pakistan
--B--A--D(J) Rejoiced
---B-A-D(K) What you are typing this answer on
---BAD-(L) The forbidden dance
---B-A-D(M) To put the wrong label on something
--B---AD------(N) Ancient Babylonian Ruler
-B----A--D(O) Made unclear
---BA-D(P) The first affected family member who seeks medical attention for a genetic disorder
-------BA---D(Q) Ran the offense in a football game
--BA-D(R) Vulgar and indecent
-----BAD(S) Comedy starring Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill
----BAD--(T) A performer from the Middle Ages
--B-A--D(U) Not caring one way or the other
--B-A--D(V) Shook
-----B-A-D(W) A glossy surface for nonpermanent markings
--B-A---D(Z) Common wall paneling derived from trees in Central Africa

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