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Can you name the four-letter words in this Seinfeld themed word ladder?

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Pole on a boat that holds up the sail
The abbreviation of Boston's state
A forward throw in football
Often grouped with present and future
Someone or something that's really annoying
Amanda from The Whole Nine Yards
They go in your shoes
Found on the neck of a guitar
At no extra cost
Oak, elm, maple or pine
Cuatro menos uno
____ Tú was one of the few Spanish language songs to reach the top 10 in the United States in 1974
The night before any Jewish holiday
Prefix derived from Latin meaning short
To make beer from malt and hops
By the sweat of your ____
To force air towards something
The opposite of ebb
A movie that earns less than expected
Along with 'clip', the sound a walking horse makes
Chickens live here
A person who prepares food
Southern Irish city which is the second most populous in Ireland
Northern English city whose American namesake is the most populous in the US
Long long ago
Traditional anecdotes of times long long ago
To not win
The amount of a prescription taken
The roof of an arena
An unspecified amount
Alike or identical
Not mentally unstable
The hair on the neck of a lion
Singer-songwriter Aimee
A pipe in which water, gas or oil may flow

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