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What year was the University established?
Where can you find chick-fil-a?
Name of the student run pep rally?
Earliest college founded at the university (in 1906)?
Name of the football stadium
How many national championships has the basketball program won?
What popular sports drink was created by UF?
What is the name of the major hospital located on campus?
What are the husband and wife mascots names?
The welfare of the state depends upon the ______ ___ ___ _______.
Name of the honors on-campus residence hall
What atlethics conference does the university belong to?
Who is the current University President?
Official colors
Who is the student union named after?
What city is the university located in?
One of their 3 Heisman Trophy winners.
What is the name of the alumni hall?
What running back played for UF and had a successful career with the Dallas Cowboys?
How many stoplights are on the actual campus?

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