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DescriptionVocabulary wordHint
New onset of severe mucosal bleeding symptomsRare disorder; suspect in elderly
Small, late pulse considered typical of severe aortic stenosisAny Latin scholars out there?
Result of left ventricle unable to increase CO during exertion b/c of fixed aortic orificeDon't let it happen to you at graduation...
Procedure used to get a better look at the atria (abbreviation)Type of shirt...
Audible separation of A2 and P2 during expiration that disappears on inspiration A not so amicable 'split'...
Inflammatory condition that primarily involves the heart, skin and connective tissueSecondary to Group A strep URI
A decrease in this may cause concentric LVH2r
Forceful attempt at expiration when the airway is closedIf this goes wrong, it can be really embarassing...
DescriptionVocabulary wordHint
Treatment of choice for MS; not so for ASPercutaneous intervention
May affect 1/more heart valves, the mural endocardium, or be a septal defectDr. Agarwal lecture
Replacement of aortic valve with autograft from patient's own pulmonary valveRachel (from Friends) dated...
Aortic stenosis with gastrointestinal bleedingGreece's god of the underworld...
Less thrombogenic surgical option for valve replacementMore prone to failure
Highly durable surgical option for valve replacementRequires permanent anticoagulation
Doppler echo is a great too for assessing thisPressure gradient across a valve
Radiation of the high-frequency components of the AS murmur to the apex John Travolta movie...

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