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Can you name the concrete operations evident in a school age child's performance?

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A child sees 2 glasses of equal height that hold equal amounts of water. One glass of water is poured into a new, tall, skinny glass.The child understands the H2O amount is the same when poured into the tall, skinny glass and when poured back into the first glass.
The child mentioned in the above question is able to coordinate several aspects of the task rather then focusing on only one. What is the child able to do now? Since the child can focus on several aspects of the task, the child is able to understand conservation.
The child mentioned in questions 1/2 has the capacity to imagine the water being returned to the original container as proof of conservationThis ability illustrates ____________.
Children in the concrete operational stage are more aware of classification hierarchies. Collections are common at this concrete operation.These children can focus on relations between a general and 2 specific categories at the same time.
A child is asked arrange sticks of different lengths from shortest to longest. He moves in an orderly sequence from the smallest stick to the next largest.He creates the series efficiently. This ability to order items along a quantitative dimension is what operation?
When a concrete operational child is able to seriate mentally, what is that ability called?A child observes stick A is longer than stick B and B is longer than stick C. The child infers A is longer than C.
A concrete operational child's understanding of space is more accurate that a pre operational child's. What kind of reasoning does the concrete op. child possess?A concrete operational child can give clear, well organized directions by using a 'mental walk' strategy
Part of the reasoning a concrete operational child has has to do with his/her mental representations of familiar, large scale spaces, [such as their school or neighborhood]What are those mental representations of familiar large scaled spaces called?
A child receives baseball cards for his bday. He spends time that day organizing them. The next day he takes them all out of his binder & reorganizes them. He shows what operation?The child loves all the different ways he can group the baseball cards. It is at this age that he now has the ability to put things into different classes and subclasses.
A child is able to perform mental rotations. This is aligning the self's frame to match that of a person in a different orientation. This is part of what concrete operation? Performing mental rotations enables the child to identify left and right for positions he do not occupy.

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